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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a safer connected world. We do this by securing the technology and flow of information that enables organizations worldwide to transact in the 21st century.

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About Us

JerseyITech, established in 2014, is a leading Software Solutions company.

Jerseyitech is one of the proliferating companies with over 7 years of experience in the field. We are devoted to providing high-value IT and Non-IT services. We emphasize on crafting sustainable value growth through pioneering solutions and unique partnerships. We are a dynamic, client- centric company based in India with Global perspectives.


We strive to assist you formulate the team that you deserve through our Avant- garde technology and talent. We target to improve output and maximize our client’s cost reserves, without bargaining on the product superiority or delivery timelines. As a result, Jerseyitech clienteles eliminate the need to appoint additional personnel or train prevailing staff for exceedingly procedural posts.


We help your business reach new heights by providing end-to-end solutions, and reducing hassles along with ensuring maximum efficiency and reduced overhead business costs. Your business growth is our ultimate objective. By engaging with Jerseyitech, you are assured that you will receive the highest level of service from a reliable partner.

Our Mission

Our business mission is to empower each of our clients through prudential IT and Non-IT solutions that improve competence and are commercially viable for business. In an ever changing market scenario it is mandatory that we are abreast with latest technologies and innovation which we do for you.


Our Core Values 

We are devoted to fineness and pride ourselves in having established a strong value system. Our core values include-

  • Excellence is not an accident, it is a choice that we make through sincere effort and high intention.
  • Customer satisfaction is not merely an ethic but the ultimate goal. Customer’s perception is our reality; we believe in competing for our customers.
  • Businesses run on everlasting and trusted relationships, not merely on commercials.
  • Investment in innovation and technology is a gain always.
The Process                                                                                                             

Before mindful review of every application we attempt to fully comprehend your business requirements which encompasses an in-depth study of the proposed project, company culture and position prerequisites. Matching deserving candidates to the right job profile in a seamless match ensures maximum productivity and efficiency; to accomplish this task our designated experts work methodically and make a recommendation on the basis of their existing and acquired talent database after flawless matching with their skill set for the job at hand. We believe it is essential to hire a core team of quality and effective employees to help the business stand apart and reach new heights.  We firmly uphold that every candidate brings something unique to the table and we must optimally utilize our resources when it comes to their competencies.


Resource Identification

The process of resource identification does not begin after the client stipulates his needs, but it is an on-going procedure. Careful identification and evaluation of individual strengths and how to source them given the right project is our sphere.  Resource identification is a streamlined job that requires expert understanding of aptitude, competency, domain skills and a lot more than that. Our team of dynamic and experienced experts make sure that the process of recruitment is seamless for your business. A large network of qualified candidates that we have garnered over the years help us make the staffing process hassle-free. We understand the vital difference between human resources and resourceful humans and we intend to put our resources to optimal use for each project.

Relationship Management

For serving our clients well, it has arranged for resilient and lasting strategic alliances with experts in various fields, which further helps us assist you in an enhanced fashion. Our clients share our values with equal commitment and zest. We take pride in strict adherence to our core values, that we never compromise on. Conscious and sustained effort are continued to instill, foster and nurture that value system. Recognizing customer needs is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to managing people. We understand investment in terms that define more than just monetary gain. We aim to understand our customers beyond than just one project. For us, it is more than just gathering business, it is about formulating everlasting relationships that help us evolve along with our clienteles.



We are in perpetual contact with a number of sourcing sites such as Crigzeist, Moster.com, linkdiln.com, Splashfind, Career Builder, Robert Half, eFinancialCareers, Jobs2Careers to name a few for best suited talent acquisition for your prerequisite. Being able to research our target audience sets us apart and gets us one step ahead from our competitors. Creative outsourcing is one of the best ways to research people. Discovering prospects requires more than just a cold call or an email.  We pride in ourselves to have a database of over 500K individuals who have been matched perfectly to the desired requirements and furthermore those whose skill sets are expected to be beneficial for us in future. This seamless match of talent, skill and aptitude is the scope of our proficiency.


For any business to run efficaciously it is tremendously important for talent to be in perfect and synchronized alignment with the requirement. A comprehensive employment application and efficient tracking and resume management system are key tools that enable us to identify eligible candidates for open positions. While technology can help us reduce time in the hiring process, it is equally important to assess every candidate and not just on the basis of a preliminary assessment. Rigorous evaluation might seem tedious but we believe it is a mandate. Our thorough screening process ensures that this is taken care of. A candidate has to go through an austere hiring procedure to reach the hiring manager who then decides if the candidate is suited for the given project or not.


Analysis and Recommendation

We base our recommendations on comprehensive, careful sourcing, fine- combed screening and analysis of the project, profiles, team and timelines thus guaranteeing our client’s utmost satisfaction. According to a survey from the Society of Human Resource Management, 43% of HR professionals say that human capital is the largest investment challenge for the employees.  Every single project brings with it a different set of challenges and needs, in order to understand those, one has to have a thorough understanding of the project and its pre-requisites. A clear identification and understanding of business goals is our forte. The issues of recruitment such as skill-gaps, turnover, and ever changing business landscapes can be mitigated by strategic staffing plans that we support you with.


It is only after this methodical process of strict screening that the candidate is deployed onto the project. It is important to ensure that the talent for the organization would be continuously in optimal relation to the job and the organizational structure and the current needs of the organization. The process of deploying does not end just with assigning the right candidate for the project; it requires our experts to understand future staffing needs to bridge the gap between requirements and talent, understanding business goals, detailed trend analysis, ratio analysis, gap analysis and then further perfecting a staffing plan is what follows. We recognize that the process of deployment continually ensures optimal performance of the entire organization and thus we give our best shot every single time.


Our pioneering approach combined with the zeal, dedication and focused problem-solving attitude aims to assist your business in the best way possible to ensure success.

Effective Communication is our core strength. Our potential is best realized at assessing your requirements effectively and laying out options.


Some of the areas of our expertise include-

  • Product development
  • Web and mobile development
  • ERP and CRM solutions
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Artificial Intelligence