Jerseyitech was founded in January 2014 to provide marketing solutions and results as well as; well designed and attractive websites. We established our firm to support IT and to focus on providing proactive outsourced ICT services to large, small and medium businesses.

We take pride in our methodology and create websites that balances:-

  • Cutting edge graphics
  • Web and multimedia designs
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • An effective end results.

We always work by taking additional steps like:-

  • What are the needs of the customers?
  • Who are their end users and targeted market?
  • Their current/future endeavors?

Since inception, the company has won awards and grown successfully by offering high quality ICT services, like ITC outsourcing to its clients. Our main objective is to manage the ICT environment resulting in greater uptime and more stability with fewer help desk calls.Our experienced sales officer, talented designers and skilled programmers work as a team to accomplish your goals and understand your business market. We currently manage 100’s of servers and 1000’s of PC’s globally.

We employ the right person for right job, according to their skills, who are not just technically sound but who are customer focused as well. We have made vast investments in better software support tools; we keep abreast of technology by working closely with our partners and investing in appropriate technical training for staff.

We work with you in making adjustments and tracking, marketing, designing effectiveness to bring your desired goals. We offer 24*7*365 for help desk and monitoring services, rather than an on call service as many other companies claim to offer. The most important! We measure our performance on a regular manner to ensure we are improving and implementing changes where required.

For more information about our impeccable services, please call us to our toll free number or email us at info@jerseyitech.com.