Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its implications for businesses are expanding at an exponential pace. Organizations must not only leverage AI in its current state but also adopt new advancements to stay competitive and achieve all their business goals.

Data Visualization is very often the first step in comprehending and communicating analytics because humans are much better at understanding data when it’s presented graphically rather than numerically. When data is visualized, it’s easier to see emerging trends, the very first step in deriving insight. Data visualization is also a powerful way to communicate a finding because the fast intuition possible supports easier collaboration and faster innovation. With ubiquity of data, data visualization technology is increasing in use and proliferating across multiple disciplines.

JerseyITech Intelligence’s world-class Artificial Intelligence Lab studies the emergence and evolution of new Artificial Intelligence technologies and their application in solving complex business challenges. Our AI Lab conducts cutting-edge Applied Research, develops new AI prototypes, and builds advanced AI engines and solutions.
The strategic objective of our AI Lab is to ‘Democratize AI’, bringing the AI revolution from academic and corporate research labs to the world of business.
We prepare organizations for an AI-powered future.

What is Data Visualization?
Data visualization is the graphical representation of data to help people understand context and significance. Interactive (clickable) data visualizations enable drilling down to explore details, identify patterns and outliers, and change which data is processed and/or excluded.