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Our mission is to create a safer connected world. We do this by securing the technology and flow of information that enables organizations worldwide to transact in the 21st century.

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Block Chain Technology

Blockchain, sometimes referred to as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), makes the antiquity of any digital asset unchangeable and transparent through the use of subsidiarity and cryptographic hashing. Creating a decentralized distribution change can be business altering and a major time-savior.


A quick overview for your understanding:

  • Digital assets are distributed instead of transferred
  • The asset is decentralized, allowing full time real access
  • A transparent ledger of changes preserves integrity of the document, which in turn creates trust in the asset.


Why should you use block chain technology for your business?

  • It is promising and revolutionary
  • Diminishes risk
  • Nifty tool for prevention of fraud
  • Brings about transparency in a scalable way for multiple users.


Jerseyitech helps you share valuable data in a protected and transfer proof manner through efficient usage of block chain technology.