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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a safer connected world. We do this by securing the technology and flow of information that enables organizations worldwide to transact in the 21st century.

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JerseyITech Services

Staffing Solutions

The scale of the business is equally matched and managed by the potential of people, outsourcing teams in a cost-effective manner to manage sizeable business has become the priority concern for many growing industries.


Technical Staffing Solutions

Technology partners need to be thoroughly aware about every aspect of the technology and its various verticals. People working on a technology need to deliver solutions on a consistent basis.ojects is the most effective business decision.

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CyberSecurity Solutions

JerseyItech helps businesses simplify and address security and compliance issues through our Enterprise Security solution that helps IT teams:


  • Identify and address visible and invisible threats.
  • Understand the risks associated with business.
  • Protect data, information, IP and applications from theft and manipulation.
  • Improve security posture to support the dynamic nature of business.
  • Securely adopt new technologies.
  • Our Security and Compliance Solution has enabled many organizations
  • across the globe conduct safer business.
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Application Solutions

Application Solutions and Data is a new opportunity and growth-oriented segments of the evolving IT industry, they also happen to be a part of the new CCS framework.


Artificial Intelligence
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Web and Mobile applications development
ERP and Crm Solutions
Web and Mobile applications development
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Data Solutions

JerseyITech Intelligence’s Big Data Engineering services enable organizations for data transition, business decision making, and leveraging of AI. Data transition is in different phases: Data at Rest, Data in Motion, Data in Process, and Data in Consumption.


JerseyITech has helped clients integrate and organize large volumes of structured and unstructured data. This includes transaction data, organization data (finance, marketing, product, customer, employees, etc.), log files, system-generated data.

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