I called Alex this morning, Monday, Aug. 3rd. to let him know I am not getting the networks I have in Florida, my home state. I am staying in New York for a couple of months and wanted access to my channels from Xfinity/Comcast since that is my cable provider. I spent a long time on Friday trying to set this up but was unable to do so. Alex was very patient and called later that evening. He was able to resove the issue and explained everything to me and spent over 2 hours. Thank you for your cooperation, Lucy Gilmartin.

Customer Service, Timeliness, Offerings, Other, Quality the person that answer all help me very well and very nice and I I’m very thankful

Customer Service Happy with the support and service. 10/10
Customer Service, Timeliness, Offerings, Other, Quality David was great. He typed for me because I have very little hearing.
Customer Service, Quality, Offerings, Timeliness very happy

Offerings, Quality, Customer Service, Other, Timeliness Thank You very much. Great job. Thanks!

I like the service and support given by your agent and would like to special thanks to Kevin for his endless effort. Thanks folks