Hosted virtual servers

Jerseyitech hosted the virtual servers, replace the conventional managed server and however they looked like a normal server, they are able to meet the changing needs of your business at any time. With the privilege to control the resources that you use with no more expense and unnecessary hardware to buy, this new generation of server could transform the way you work.

By allowing you to take all of your infrastructure off-site, our dynamic servers and grid computing are able you enjoy lower TCO, full scalability with better performance. They are also more reliable than any dedicated servers as they give you peace of mind that your system won’t let you down.


More economical

If you have an alternate to utilize your resources optimally than why to invest for unnecessary resources? We can assist you to avoid buying unnecessary hardwares without compromising on capacity or computing power ,i.e. Save your company’s money and enhance the productivity.

Fully Managed

We have a very experienced team who can take care of everything for you and have keen eyes to provide you a secure service for your business


The most important advantage of our cloud computing is that you can add and remove resources with ease. This wonderful flexibility can help your business to reduce its cost by removing the need of capital expenditure and expensive leases.

Fast and Responsive

We know that our customers are seeking for a dynamic server model which is reliable and responses according to their changing needs. Our dynamic servers enable you to add resources and grow your infrastructure and fulfill all your changing needs with one click only.

Are you consolidating your existing servers?

As your business grows and you require some additional computing capacity/storage, the cost associated with managing and upgrading your servers can begin to spiral. To increase effectiveness and efficiency, deploy a new system as when your business needs them you can enjoy the reduction in all operating costs, Look no further than Jerseyitech for excellent services in Hosted virtual servers.